Friday, 9 March 2012

Sugarhill Boutique finds

I've heard a lot of talk about Sugarhill Boutique recently, so I willl admit was pretty chuffed to have been invited to their Valentine's press day last month for a cheeky preview of some of their new lines.

I had a great time mooching around the Pure tradeshow (sponsored by Fuschia PR) with my friend and a select few other bloggers (and a couple of glasses of champagne!)

Their key trend seemed to be big, cartoon or animal themed prints. I loved the ice cream cone dress but sadly it didn't really suit my shape. Instead I settled on the popular 'Merry Go Blouse' in coral, which I've since seen loads of people wearing!

Here's me showing off my fancy new camera at the event...

And here's my friend and collegue Nicola modelling the goods!


  1. Thank you so much for the comment! But I live in Finland, and I think it will be easier to take my clothes etc. to the fleamarket or start my own little blog shop :) But thank you so much for letting me & other readers know! ^^

    That blouse she's wearing is really cute one. ^^

    Have a great day!
    - Indie by Heart

    1. Hi Satu! Thanks for writing back. Not a problem, just thought we would let you know anyway!

      Ps. I'm following your blog now, lovely stuff! x


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