Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Essex Fashion Week. Whatever next?

We all know about London, Paris, New York and Milan fashion week (amongst a whole host of others). But did anybody know about Essex fashion week?

Considering it's not even a city, I'm hardly surprised the event (which took place at the bank holiday weekend) didn't get as much publicity as I'd imagine they hoped for.

Still, all the 'stars' of The Only Way is Essex were around to strut their stilletos and parade their peroxide locks, acting as the style icons of Essex(!)

Sadly we weren't at the event on Sunday, *sobs* but here are some photos to show just what we were all missing...

I have no words. Did any of you go to Essex Fashion Week? 


  1. It was a Brillant day. Very well organised, some incredible designers. Including joey bevan . A mixture of z to a list faces, along with a large crowd of the supporting public to showcase up and coming talent and brands within the Essex area. Giving opportunities to companies to advertise their talent and business, along side promoting to a new audience. Maybe you shouldn't write blogs unless you actually attend these things. God job you were lost for words ay!

  2. Thank you for the mini review, Anonymous. Sounds like a good day out at least!


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