Thursday, 26 April 2012

The 'Lush' Animal Testing/Publicity Stunt

Now I know you've probably all heard about this Lush drama or at least seen the photos so I won't harp on,  I just wanted to mention it really as I found it so distressing.

 Basically, Lush, who pride themselves on creating all natural cosmetics and are firmly against animal testing, teamed up with the Humane Society to provide one of the most public and (in my opinion) horrifying demonstrations at their Regent Street store on Monday.

The demonstration saw one female volunteer, Jacqueline Traide, placed in front of the shop window wearing nothing but a nude body suit, acting as a 'lab rat' being roughly manhandled while receiving some pretty grusome animal testing methods.

For ten hours Traide was 'tested' with her mouth clamped open, a strip of her hair shaved off, force-fed and generally tested upon in ways similar to how an animal would be for cosmetic testing.

I'm certainly not 'pro' animal tetsing and I always attempt to buy natural- non animal tested products, but I don't know if seeing this would make me sign their petition or just throw up to be perfectly honest.

I applaud them for their sucess in shocking the nation, but I'm not sure how necessary these scare tactics were, particularly in a country where it is already illegal to test on animals.

Anyhow, I'm sure you all have your own opinions on this and we'd love to hear them. For now, if you can stomach it, here's the grusome video footage which made me want to write about this in the first place...

Or you can read more about it on the Daily Mail website.

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