Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Time's 100 most influential fashion icons

Time magazine have just released their latest (and only) list of their 100 most influential fashion icons.

They have handpicked some of the nation's favourite designers, brands, models, muses, artists, editors and stylists dating back to 1923 when the Time publication first launched.

There's no fight for first place here though, as they've tactfully ordered all icons under categories, avoiding making the impossible choice of selecting 'The ultimate fashion icon'.

We're happy to see some of our personal favourites in the list, including (of course) Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld and Diane von Furstenberg, Heidi Klum, Madonna and Anna Wintour (to name a few).

A few I'm a little surprised of for not being in there would probably be Gwen Stefani, for her bold and often ahead of the times outfit choices, Kate Middleton, purely because she's been the name on everybody's lips for the past year or so for simply always getting it right (for what is required of her of course, not for ultimate fashion must-haves!) and finally, my favourite, Carrie Bradshaw!

Yes, I know, she's a fictional character, but she's always been the ultimate icon for me!

What do you think of their list? Is there anyone you think they've left out or who shouldn't be on there?

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  1. Carrie is gorgeous - imaginary figure or not her style is the greatest ;)

    Indie by Heart


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