Thursday, 3 May 2012

British Soap Awards Fashion!

Did anybody else stay up watching the ridiculously long-winded British Soap Awards last night?

Just me??

But there were SO many amazing dresses on the night. Seriously! I wasn't expecting quite so much glamour but it seems they went all out. Well, most of them.

I thought I'd share a few pictures of my best and worst dressed. After all, I did give about 3.5 hours of my life to that show (yes, I also watched the afterparty) so I felt it necessary!

Emma Atkins from Emmerdale drowning herself in white silk. She looks a bit disheveled here, I think the wavy  hair might have been too much coupled with the baggy one colour ensemble.

I quite like this Marc Jacobs polkadot tux, but I'm undecided as to whether it's a bit too 'fussy'! Her eyemakeup looks lovely though!

OH DEAR?! Dracular inspired?

Hollyoaks' Claire Cooper looks AMAZING in this stunning gown. Her figure is to die for and the glamour here is something I'd expect to see at the Oscars!

I had to sneak this one in. Great suit, great style. Why can't all men dress like this?

Samia 'Off of Corrie' looks beautiful as always, I love this simple but effective gown. Hey Mr, you're alright I guess but I don't like those shoes.

I saved the best until last. Michelle Keegan wore an incredible mermaid style galaxy blue gown and proved why she's worthy of  the 'Sexiest Female' award 4 years running. Her simple accessories were great too. 10/10 for everything!

Who was your best and worst dressed?

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