Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Duchess Effect

This sums it all up really. I have fallen!

I know it's taken a little while for me to be fully convinced of her wonder, but alas, it has happened.

'The Duchess effect' generally refers to the fact that whatever Kate Middleton wears, as a rule, will sell out within a matter of days (even hours) of her being featured in it.

As with everybody who loves fashion, I'm always keen to see what she'll be wearing to what grand social event next. She always manages to remain sophisticated, stylish and never too frumpy.

We can forgive her for her earlier mishaps, namely the see through dress which- granted she wore for a friend's fashion show but still- is a hideous piece!

I haven't seen her wear one thing I didn't love over the last few years. Whether it's casual coral coloured jeans and a blazer, or the stunning Jenny Packham gown which allegedly took 375 hours to affix the 1750 sequins on to. I want them all!

What do you think? Have you been taken in by the Duchess Effect?

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