Thursday, 3 January 2013


In keeping with my New Year resolutions, I have refrained from purchasing anything since confirming them in writing, here, two days ago.  I have, however, had a little search on the net for a red dress.  I've been looking for a red dress for ages now, but I just haven't been able to find the one that is in my head.

It needs to be a deep shade of red (I don't like the orangey tones), and it needs to be a skater dress (currently I'm just a little too bulgy for anything body-hugging).  It also needs to have 3/4 length sleeves (to hide my you-know-whats). Anyway, after months and months of searching, I have finally found THE DRESS on  Here it is....

I've seen similar dresses in high street shops.  New Look, for example, have a little red skater dress, but the red is a little bit too bright for me, and more to the point, when I tried it on it was very unforgiving of my lumps and bumps.  This dress is darker, to be honest it is actually "berry" rather than "red", and it is ribbed, which means it is thicker and more flattering that your standard viscose and elastine dresses.

I almost purchased this gorgeous berry skater dress last night, but I held back. I was thinking of my finances,  but as I write this and as I look at the dress once more, I realise I really do have to have it.  I'm buying it. Now.

P.S. By buying this dress online I'm still keeping within the parameters of my resolutions because I bought it online rather than in a shop, which might be more expensive...

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