Thursday, 30 May 2013

How To Look Younger

I don't know about you, but personally, I really want to slow down the ageing process.  I think most of us start feeling that way once the evidence of being "mature" starts to show.  I've tried botox (and loved it!), but it isn't affordable for all of us.  So what else can a girl do to remain looking like, well, a girl, for a bit longer?!

Looking after your skin and hair are definitely important. This is an ongoing process that really should be started from a young age.  Obviously smoking is a no no, and sadly, so is drinking these days....But what about the things you can do right now to make a difference? What are the tricks to make your skin look dewy, your eyes bright, your skin radiant?

Here are a few of my top tips...

1) Cover yourself in Vaseline before going to bed (yes, cover your whole body). It feels disgusting, but the next morning your skin looks amazing, it feels  so soft and some of those fine lines actually disappear.

2) Invest in a good pair of hair straighteners.  Those ghds really do make your hair look shiny and shiny hair is associated with health and youth.

3) Concealer. Dab a bit of concealer under your eyes and anywhere else where your skin is looking a bit red (spider veins are a tell-tale sign of ageing).

4) Use moisturising eye-drops.  As we get older, our eyes become dryer and often end up a bit red by the end of the day. Using some moisturising eye drops will brighten your eyes up instantly.

So, there you have a few quick tips, but what about the long-term things you can do to keep you looking young?  Take a look here for some helpful tips.

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