Thursday, 6 June 2013

Too much skin to bare? Stay positive!

With all this sunshine I can't help but feel even more body and looks conscious than usual.  Suddenly the desire to expose a bit of skin opens up a whole new can of worms that isn't just about having thin arms or a flat stomach.  It also means that skin - skin that is ageing - is going to be on display.  Suddenly I'm conscious of my elbows, my knees, my neck (can't really hide that under a scarf when the sun is beating down on me!) and my face.

Yes, the face is on display even during the colder months, but more hours of daylight mean that I'm really self conscious of the lines on my forehead because they seem to be more noticeable all of a sudden.  These lines are the result of years and years of sun damage and now, more than ever, I am really aware of them.  The dilemma is do I hide them under layers of makeup and a fringe or do I try expensive creams and serums? Or, do I get fillers?!

I would love to have dermal fillers. I have nothing against cosmetic surgery and procedures. Hell, if I had the money I'd look 21 right now!  But, being honest with myself I have to admit that fillers aren't really an option just yet.  So, what to do.....

Here's an idea....instead of trying desperately to hide the things we don't like, why don't we just ignore them and accentuate those things we do like about ourselves? Yes, this summer should be about self love NOT self scrutiny and negativity.  Voila! Problem solved....


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