Monday, 1 July 2013

Glastonbury 2013 - Best Dressed?

In keeping with the "best dressed" theme from our blog last week, I was thinking it might be interesting to see what the stars of this year's Glastonbury Festival were wearing, and to see who was the best dressed artist.

Rita Ora looked hot in her scarlet tassels.  This is a fantastic look, perfect for the hippy vibe of music festivals past.

And Haim girls looked ultra cool and casual with their laid back rock chick look.

 Now fashion and being the best dressed isn't just limited to women. Mick Jagger showed the world he still has it. He's still a Rock God. Look at this jacket. I desperately want it. I wish my boyfriend could look as cool as Mick in a jacket like this...

But I think my Number One best dressed at Glastonbury 2013 has to be Sienna Miller.  Now I know I've just broken my own rule of this being a best dressed "stars of Glastonbury" list, but I just love that boho look. I love Sienna's red jacket and simple black shorts and boots.  I tried to find other on stage stars to add to the list, but nothing looked as cool to me as this!  You've got to give it to her, the girl oozes style.

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