Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Fashion Debate

For many of us, ageing is a process we want to slow down, if not put the breaks on all together.  With so many products, procedures, theories and wonder-pills around, looking young has never been more on trend.  But what about fashion?  Is it cool to dress to look younger? Is it wrong not to update your look when you hit 40?

With women in their 40s looking more like women in their 30s these days, should we still follow that unspoken rule that we should dress according to our age?  If my face looks 32, can I dress the way a 32 year old might?  If anyone finds out I'm actually 40 will that look a bit sad and desperate?

Personally, I want my face to look younger and I'd love to have work done in order to achieve that.  But, at the same time, I am starting to feel that I should have a complete wardrobe overhaul to upgrade my personal style to something a little more grown up.  But with this little ageing phobia creeping up on me, I'm finding it hard to dress my age.  I'm scared it will make me look old...Or am I just scared it will make me look my age? Hmmmm, food for thought.....

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