Friday, 20 September 2013

Presenting Carrie Bradshaw's Otazu Necklace. The Most Beautiful Necklace in the Universe.

I recently spotted this necklace online and fell in love.  Little did I know this necklace, by Otazu, was the necklace worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in the movie Sex and The City 2...Good old Carrie Bradshaw really did have taste (visit the She Loves Outfits shop for more items seen on Sex and the City).

A Pearl necklace is said to be one of the highest expressions of love, and seriously, I love this necklace.  If anyone can find a more beautiful peace, please show us. We'd love to feature it in our blog.

The distinctive Otazu designs represent prêt-a-porter collections of the most deluxe fashion jewellery. Browse the Otazu collections at

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