Tuesday, 8 October 2013

All Hail The Skinny Jean!

Jeans.  The fashion staple.  One of the most versatile items of clothing there is.  Jeans are worn by babies, teens, men, women, glamour gals, sporty blokes, work men, models, celebs, and just about any other persona you can think if.  With so many different cuts, styles and colours available, jeans really can be worn by anyone anywhere.  However, it is important to find the right cut for your body shape for a truly flattering fit. My personal favourite is the skinny jean....

First introduced in the 1950’s, skinny jeans were originally sported by film stars like Marilyn Monroe and Sandra Dee.  Known for it's thigh hugging, form fitting silhouette- the skinny jean became widely recognised for it's slim cut that exudes sex appeal.  It has returned to the catwalks and fashion pages time and time again.

Skinny jeans look great on most people and are one of the most versatile cuts.  Boyfriend jeans tend to only really work when you want that casual, laid back look.  Flares are cool, but again, more laid back and not so great if you want to show off a sexy pair of stilettos.  Boot cut? Great with boots.

I'm a massive fan of skinny jeans. I love them faded, I love them dark, I love them in black and I love them in pink.  I wear them to work, to parties, the pub, restaurants, and just for sitting around the house. Pro tip for a skinny jean purchase: Go for a high rise waist for the most flattering fit.

One of the greatest things about the skinny is it works just as well with ballet pumps as it does with sexy, sky-high stilettos, no girl should be without at least one pair of sexy skinnies.  If you don't already own them, you should definitely get some!



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