Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Glam Up Your Exercise Routine

Later this week I will be getting involved in some hardcore exercise and I'm actually really looking forward to it! The plan is to exercise at lunch times with a couple of friends.  One of which is actually a personal trainer, the other is always at the gym, so I'm depending on these girls to help motivate me.  However, the best motivation is knowing that in a few months time I am going to be able to wear whatever I want. Gone will be the days of "I look fat in this!".  Yay!!

Speaking of having something to wear, I guess I'll have to get myself some tracksuits. The She Loves Outfits shop has a great selection of glam tracksuit sets.  I'm planning to make a few purchases and if any of our lovely readers are interested in getting glammed up for a spot of fitness, do check out our great range of sports clothes.  For the month of October we'll give everyone a 10% discount off any sportswear purchased from our lovely shop. Here's a preview of what's on offer....

Who says you can't look glam while exercising?!

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