Friday, 24 January 2014

Accessory Trends For Spring/Summer 2014

With 2014 well underway, fashion projections for the coming warm weather seasons are already coming in full force. Runways have been displaying spring and summer fashions for some time already. And as is the case every year, that means it's just a matter of time before store windows and magazine covers are displaying the hottest new looks.

In this post, we'll narrow the focus a bit and talk about several of the noteworthy trends in spring and summer accessories as opposed to focusing on the bigger, bolder clothing trends that you'll be seeing everywhere in another month or so. The following warm weather accessories should be red hot for spring/summer 2014 and will potentially be the items that pull your whole look together and help you to demonstrate your personal taste.

Artsy Accessories
This is a general trend that can be applied to just about anything, whether it's a pair of earrings or a handbag. Noted at STYLE.COM, this is a fun, colourful trend that allows for bold expression as soon as the weather warms up. Of particular interest in the article are the studded black Saint Laurent heels adorned with abstract-style coloured geometric shapes. Also, there's an artsy Chanel bag anyone would love to tote around this spring and summer.

Floral & Botanical Trends
Many will remember that the warmer months of 2013 were full of looks that were packed with bold, artistic prints. The same will be true this coming spring and summer, with the focus perhaps a bit narrowed. Floral patterns and prints are all over the place on runways, and they offer distinctly playful and feminine imagery. The trend is seen in shoes, handbags, jewellery, and of course in clothing as well.

Mirrored Sunglasses
Sunglasses are one element of fashion and accessories that many people cannot participate in because of eye trouble. You may have an eye condition that causes you to wear corrective glasses, which can make it pricey to opt for prescription sunglasses. That being said, this coming spring/summer's trend of mirrored, aviator-style sunglasses could change your mind! If so, you'll probably want to to switch to contacts, which means you have some research to do. You can read up at about common eye conditions and then determine whether or not contact lenses are an option. If and when you find lenses, you'll be able to fully embrace this exciting and bold trend. And that also goes for any subsequent sunglasses trend, because there tends to be a fun one every year.

Yellow Gold
OK, yeah, gold is always fashionable. But this season, it's making a comeback of sorts, because 2013 was filled with headlines and runway looks showcasing the influx of rose gold in popular fashion. Both are lovely options, but there's a clear movement back to yellow gold in everything from jewellery and accessories, to entire outfits. So if you're picking up any new jewellery for the coming seasons, make it classic yellow gold.


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