Wednesday, 9 July 2014

How to Wear a Logo Top...

Who doesn’t love a logo top?  That versatile wardrobe staple, dating back as early as the 1930's and becoming more mainstream in the fabulous 50's, has maintained its place in fashion history for decades.  However, choosing the right logo tee could be tricky, according to The Guardian's Lauren Cochrane, who says "From geek tees to the Coca-Cola classic, your top may be making a statement – but what exactly will it say about your style credentials?".

Lauren's great article provides us with brilliant advice and information on the background, inspiration and designers of popular logos, and confirms the "coolness factor" of each logo now.  This is brilliant for those of us who are a little unsure about finding the right logo, but once chosen, what should you wear it with?   

The great thing about a logo top is the many ways in which it can be worn and the many statements you can make about your personal style and taste.  Be it casual, punk, vintage or feminine chic, the right logo can help you rock any look. 

Still unsure about donning your logo top? Looking for inspiration? Then look no further because the She Loves Outfits crew have put together a fabulous little list of ideas....

1. Tell the world what’s on your mind….
The logo t-shirt is a great way of telling the world what’s on your mind.  This is the perfect “statement” piece, so choose a logo t-shirt that really means something to you, a logo you can identify with.  Whether it is an image, text or the name of your favourite rock band, be bold.  Make your logo t-shirt the centre of attention by pairing it with simple black leggings or jeans. Try not to over accessorise.

2. Cool, Calm and Collected…..
If you’re into vintage styles, there are some great logo tees out there.  Collect a few cool vintage tops, including band names, brand names and images from those bygone eras (that Coca-Cola logo is a favourite of mine).  Pair your vintage logo tees with skinny jeans, three-quarter length trousers or a cute little mini skirt.  Vintage hair-do’s, sunnies, jackets and jewellery will really add some oomph to this look.

3. Keep it Girly….
Want to wear your logo top and still look feminine?  Wear it with a cute, floaty knee length skirt (floral skirts look great) with pumps or heels for an on trend, feminine chic.  Aim for a fitted logo top, or tuck it in and belt it to keep those feminine curves on display.

4. Ultra Casual….
Go for a traditional logo look.  Logo tees look great paired with boyfriend jeans.  Brighten your look with chunky jewellery and colourful converse, cardigans, scarves and jackets.  Looking comfortable and laid back is bound to make you feel more comfortable, more relaxed.

5. Riot Girl….
The riot girl look is still pretty cool in my mind, and the logo-tee is the perfect accompaniment to this look.  The grungy, punky, biker babe Riot Girl look has been around for years and the best way to achieve this look is simply by pairing your logo top with anything with rips, studs or leather.  Go hard core and mix it up.  A black pencil skirt teamed with studded ankle boots and a logo-tee is a great way to achieve this cool and sexy style.

Still not sure if you’re getting it right? Then take a look at Lauren Cochrane’s article in the Guardian :) 

Show us your favourite logo tops and how you like to wear them!   


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